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Stella Salumaa

Animator and Illustrator based in Edinburgh.

I’m a 2D animator and illustrator based in Edinburgh, UK and I grew up in Estonia, where I studied Animation.


I work for clients and studios, but also spend some of my time working on personal projects.


With around a decade of experience in the animation field, I've been fortunate enough to work with some of the nicest studios and individuals. For example I have been working at kid's TV-shows like "Floogals" (Jellyfish Pictures), "Bitz and Bob"(Jellyfish Pictures), Messy goes to OKIDO (Doodle Productions) and "Dog Squad" (Interference Pattern). 


I also love working in illustration and I have been lucky enough to be able to illustrate for children's books, magazines and newspapers.


When I’m not animating or illustrating, I have leisurely strolls with my adorable dog Hastings.


If you’d like to say hello or talk about a project, you can find me at

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