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Packed like Sardines / Elu kilukarbis

Short Animation, 2010

© 2023 by Stella Salumaa. 

Sometimes life is like packed sardines - it is so narrow to be that you just can’t exist. You can try to escape from that situation or try to hide yourself. There is more air to breathe in your own mind than in the real world. This is what the protagonist of this film thinks, who hides himself into the mass of the other people, where no-one can see him and where it is possible for him to be at peace. 

Animation - Stella Salumaa
Story - Stella Salumaa
Design - Stella Salumaa
Music - Märt-Matis Lill
Sound - Horret Kuus
Big thank you - Priit and Olga Pärn

International Animation Festival Hiroshima, Japan, Hiroshima, 08/2012. Animation for Peace program.
Sardinia Film Festival, Italy, Sardinia, 06/2012
40th Festival of Nations, Austria, Linz, 06/2012. Certification
DVD what they was selling together with magazine "Teater Muusika Kino" („Theatre Music Cinema“), Estonia, 04/2012
ANIRMAU'12, Spain, Lalin, 04/2012
ETV2 (TV-channel), Estonia, 03/2012
Tampere Film Festival, Finland, Tampere, 03/2012
UFO 0110 International Digital Film Festival, India, New Delhi, 02-03/2012
Athens AnimFest, Greece, Athens, 03/2012
Competition Eléphant d'or (Festival Travelling), France, Rennes, 02/2012
Walthamstow Short Film Club, England, London, 11/2011. Audience Choice vote for November.
Fredrikstad Animation Festival, Norway, Fredrikstad, 11/2011. Student film competition.
9th International Amateur Film Festival „Tallinn 2011”, Estonia, Tallinn, 11/2011
Neu/Now Festival (online and live), Estonia, Tallinn, 11/2011
Women and Film Short Film Special Event. Southampton Film Week, England, Southampton, 10/2011
Slough Film Festival, England, Slough, Berkshire, 09/2011
CineMe, England, Bedminster, 09/2011
New Animation – Anatomy of Estonia (Jaunas Igaunijas Animacijas Anatomija), Latvia, Riga, 08/2011
Unica Film Festival, Luxembourg, 08/2011. Diploma of honour.
11th International Shortfilm Festival „Unseen Film“ („Ennenägematu film”), Estonia, Maardu, 06/2011
Annecy, France, Annecy, 06/2011. Student film competition.
TASE 11, Estonia, Tallinn, 05/2011
Erasmus Film Festival 2011, Czech Republic, Prague, 05/2011
Animarte 2011, Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, 04-05/2011. 3rd Place in Student Film Competition.
46th Amateur Film Festival of Republic of Estonia, Estonia, Tallinn, 04/2011. Diploma - best animation.
Animated Dreams, Estonia, Tallinn, 11/2010

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