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Sleepwalker / Uneskõndija

Short Animation, 2010

© 2023 by Stella Salumaa. 

"Sleepwalker" talks about the blending of day to day reality and night, and how they affect each other. It pictures a girl who cannot sleep well because her daily life pushes itself into her dreams. Due to that she is tired during the day because her night life tends to influence her work and other daily activities. Her days and nights blend into one.

Director -- Stella Salumaa
Story -- Stella Salumaa
Artwork -- Stella SalumaaAnimator -- Stella Salumaa
Camera and Lighting -- Stella Salumaa and Joel Leis
Actress -- Epp Salulaid
Sound and Music -- Horret Kuus (B6 Stuudio)
Music - Floating Castles - Duotone
Music -- Estonian folk song „Sleep, come to the eye“.
Presenter of the Music -- Anna Köster The recording is from the Estonian Literary Museum,from Estonian folklore archives.
Big Thank You -- Riho Unt, Urmas Jõemees, Joel Leis, Marge Salumaa,Anu-Laura Tuttelberg, Sulev Süld, Keili Retter, unknown young man. The Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

Hooandja Big support -- Paolo Polesello
Support -- Oliver Kadak, Meelis Leppoja, Jelena Pribõslavskaja,Rein Raud, Toomas Tutt, Peeter Viisimaa.
More supporters -- Marika Ahven, Hanno Parksepp, Jesper Saron,Ott Pilipenko, Eerik Kändler, Tiina Drell, Paulius Stokas, Henri Laupmaa, Rene Lasseron.

FESTIVALS: Making Tracks, Cinemas's SPOTLIGHT: Animation, England, London, 08/2014
Whirlygig Cinemas SPOTLIGHTS: Summer Launch, England, London, 07/2014
Making Tracks: Retrospective, England, London, 01/2014
Whirlygig Cinemas 'Au Naturel' at In The Woods, England, Kent, 08/2013
Making Tracks, England, London, 01/2013
8th Athens ANIMFEST, Greece, Athens. 03/2013
Akbank 9th Short Film Festival, Turkey, Istanbul, 03/2013   
Kyiv International Short Film Festival, Ukraine, Kyiv, 04/2013
Future Film Festival, Italy, Bologna, 04/2013
Eesti Vabariigi 48. Amatöörfilmide Festival,Tallinn, Estonia, 04/2013
The Strawberry Shorts Film Festival, England, Cambridge, 05/2013
Sardinia Film Festival, Italy, Sardinia, 06/2013

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