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Pungivana ja teisi jõulujutte -
Punk Santa and Other Christmas Stories

Illustrations for my second children's book. Text is by Helena Koch and published by Koolibri Kirjastus. Estonia and UK, 2023

What does Santa do when he gets a funny new haircut on Christmas Eve?
How does a carrot feel when it wakes up one morning as a Snowman's nose?
And what unexpected turn will the long-awaited gingerbread party of father and children take?
Helena Koch's new children's book contains both more realistic and more fantastical Christmas stories.

Helena Koch is from Räpina (Estonia) and has studied Literary Studies both in Estonia and Germany. She has published earlier children's books "Loomaaed lasteaias", "Kõhu mäss" and "Kartuli kuningriik" and short stories in magazines Täheke and Hea Laps. Helena lives with her family in Dublin, Ireland. At Christmas she likes to sing Christmas songs with her family.

Stella Salumaa is from North Estonia, Haabneeme. She has studied Cultural Theory and Animation in Tallinn (Estonia). She have made illustrations for Kadri Kiho children's book "Endel ja Kati" and made illustrations for newspaper Müürileht. Stella lives with her partner and dog in Scotland, Edinburgh. Christmas she usually spends with her family in Estonia.

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