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Sweet Dreams! / Head und!

Puppet Animation, 2010

© 2023 by Stella Salumaa. 

To be a persecutor of an old man or a little boy? To make nightmares to a sheep or to do something completely different – this is the question.

Animation - Stella Salumaa, Erik Alunurm
Story - Stella Salumaa
Design - Stella Salumaa
Music - Kaspar Jancis, Kriminaalne Elevant
Sound - Horret Kuus
Big thank you - Priit and Olga Pärn, Riho Unt, Urmas Jõemees

40th Festival of Nations, Austria, Linz, 06/2012. Certification
ETV2 (tv-channel), Estonia, 03/2012
Walthamstow Short Film Club, England, London, 10/2011
Se-Ma-For Film Festival, Poland, Lodz, 09/2011
Slough Film Festival, England, Slough, Berkshire, 09/2011
CineMe, England, Bedminster, 09/2011
Erasmus Film Festival 2011, Czech Republic, Prague, 05/2011
Animarte 2011, Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, 04-05/2011
46th Amateur Film Festival of Republic of Estonia, Estonia, Tallinn, 04/2011. Certification
Corto Helvetico al Femminile, Switzerland, Losone, 04/2011
Animated Dreams, Estonia, Tallinn, 11/2010

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