Fun with Faces

Daily Drawing Promt for a week. Organized by Charly Clements. UK, 2020

Fun with faces_Monday_v002.jpg

1 - Tropical, Wavy hair, Sunglasses.

Fun with faces_Thursday_v002-01.jpg

4 - Ice Cream, Braids, Summer Dress.

Fun with faces_Tuesday_v003-01.png

2 - Beach, Messy Bun, Face Mask.

Fun with faces_Friday_v002.jpg

5 - Flamingo, Afro, Bikini.

Fun with faces_Wednesday_v001.jpg

3 - Sunshine, Long Bob, Lipstick.

Fun with faces_Saturday_v003.jpg

6 - Travel, Long Hair, Straw Hat.

Fun with faces_Sunday_v001.jpg

7 - Glasses, Head Scarf, Honey Bee.